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I am a technology enthusiast with a wealth of industry experience. After graduating in computer science from Cranfield University, I obtained a PhD from the University of Manchester in data analytics and management.

From academia I moved into industry where I worked as a Senior Scientist at ABB Corporate Research Centre, Senior Risk Modeler at HSBC and Chief Data Scientist at Codewise. I am currently Head of Global Data & AI at London-listed CentralNic Group PLC (as reported by e.g., Bloomberg).

Since 2018, I am a member of the Forbes Technology Council  and author of articles expert articles on artificial intelligence and data. My articles have been published by the World Economic Forum, among others and interviews with me have appeared in Puls BiznesuInteria.pl or Warsaw Business Journal

I have appeared before important think tanks such as the European Internet Forum at the European Parliament and the B20 which is the business arm of the G20. I have been a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Council at the Cracow University of Technology since 2022.

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Private company
Commercial invitation

Training "Introduction to ChatGPT and Midjourney for non-techies"

Private company
Commercial invitation

Training "LLMs - the good, the bad, the ugly. Why organizations need to watch this space."

Warsaw, Poland
Chief Data Officer Forum

Talk "Using product usage data to increase renewals in the domain industry"

GRC Legal conference

Talk "Data, organizations and the human factor: lessons from a decade of working with data"

Private company
Commercial invitation

Training "Key non-technical elements of achieving success in the data field"

Europa-Park, Rust, Germany
CloudFest conference

Keynote talk "The new #1: leveraging Product usage data to drive renewals"

Big Data Europe conference
Big Data Europe conference

Discussion panel moderation "Business side of Data Science"

Krakow University of Technology
Appointment to the Entrepreneurs' Council

Appointment to the Entrepreneurs' Council of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Krakow University of Technology

Krakow University of Technology
Austin, Texas
NamesCon Global conference
Private company
Commercial invitation

Training "Data strategy - the key to becoming truly data-driven"

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